Buy A Tag. Save A Life.

Be part of the solution. $19 of the $25 specialty tag fee will go directly to local spay/neuter initiatives.

Make A Real Difference
Georgia Pet Foundation is committed to making Georgia a no-kill state. In order to accomplish this goal, we must END pet overpopulation. The most effective means of doing so is providing widespread low-cost statewide spay/neuter programs. This translates into hundreds of thousands of lives saved.

Governor Deal signed the new GPF plate into legislation in April 2016. The GPF plate has no manufacturing fee and costs $25 more than the standard state license plate. No manufacturing fee enables more money to go directly to spay neuter grants statewide. With each renewal, your small annual donation adds up to big results, directly helping animals in need.

When you buy a GPF license plate, you are saving the pets of Georgia.

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