Purchasing a Tag

How do I purchase a new Spay/Neuter tag?

You can purchase the GPF spay neuter license through your county tax office. The GPF spay/neuter plates do not have a manufacturing fee and only cost $25 more than a standard Georgia peach plate. When buying a car, many dealerships offer the option to purchase a tag. Ask for your Georgia Pet Foundation Spay/Neuter tag and save lives. Renewing is simple! Spay Neuter plates can be renewed at your local tag offices.

Do I need to wait until my birthday to renew and get a new tag?

No.  However, you will pay a fee to exchange the tag, then pay the renewal fees at the regular billing cycle for your county.

How do I receive my new Spay/Neuter tag?

Once you order your new tag through your county tag office, you will receive a temporary tag, and the GPF Spay/Neuter tag will be mailed to you in approximately two weeks.

Spay/Neuter Funding

How much of the tag fee goes toward spay/neuter funding?

For each $25 specialty tag fee, $19 ($20 for renewals) will go directly to Georgia Pet Foundation’s spay/neuter grant program

What organizations are eligible for the grant program?

Animal welfare organizations (humane societies, spay/neuter clinics, rescue organizations) and municipal animal shelters can apply. Organizations must be a recognized 501(c)(3 ) non-profit or a governmental agency.

How Do I Get More Information About the Grant Program?

Please Sign up for our newsletter to receive more information when the grant cycle opens. 

When will grant funding be available?

Funding is still being raised through the sale of tags.  Help us grow by telling your friends, family and community about the GPF Spay/Neuter Tag.

We will announce grants once funding is secured through sales, donations and corporate sponsors.  Follow our progress on the main page of this website, and through Facebook and Instagram.

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